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SCeMFiS Project Provides the Base for Successful NOAA SK Award

Large Quahog

Photo: VIMS Molluscan Ecology


SCeMFiS funded work on the recruitment of the ocean quahog Arctic islandica provided the baseline for a successful request to NOAA’s Saltonstall Kennedy (SK) program for an expanded investigation of quahog recruitment dynamics in the Mid Atlantic and Georges Bank region. The 2016-2018 SK award entitled “Age structure and recruitment in the ocean quahog Arctica islandica” to Roger Mann at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science in the amount of $275,473 will focus on age structure and growth rate in recent and planned collections of both pre recruit and recruited to fishery sizes ocean quahogs. Efforts will focus on the provision of a quahog recruitment index in the form of an area specific age frequency demographic based on survey selectivity dredge collections (the Dameron Kubiak dredge developed with SCeMFiS funds), opportunistic collections from industry vessels and by-catch in scallop surveys. In addition, the project will examine age and size at first maturity in support of estimating the spawning stock biomass, and spatially discrete sex specific growth variability across the fishery range