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About Us: What is the Science Center for Marine Fisheries (SCeMFiS)?

GSSA PhotoSCeMFiS is a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC)

- University sites: University of Southern Mississippi and Virginia Institute of Marine Science

- Collaborating groups: Cornell University, Rutgers University, University of Washington, and other U.S. and Canadian academics and consultants

- Center/USM Site Director: Eric Powell and VIMS Site Director: Roger Mann

How Does SCeMFiS work?

ESS EndeavorThe SCeMFiS science program:

  • is Industry Partner driven

  • operates under Industry Partner oversight

  • provides products directly to Industry Partners

  • distributes products to support Industry Partners' needs

What Does SCeMFiS Provide?

Additional Resources


SCeMFiS Technology Roadmap

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SCeMFiS Background and 2019 Brochure

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SCeMFiS By-Laws - (amended 4-2019)

MOU Between VIMS and USM