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Kelsey Kuykendall and Sara Pace Congratulations to Kelsey Kuykendall

The first SCeMFiS-funded graduate student, Kelsey Kuykendall (photo left) will be graduating in December. The goal of her thesis, Management Strategy Evaluation for the Atlantic Surfclam (Spisula Solidissima), using a Fisheries Economics Model, was to identify a preferred management option that promotes enhanced surfclam productivity and increased fishery viability as indicated by improvement in performance metrics. Sara Pace (photo right) hopes to soon follow in Kelsey's footsteps as another SCeMFiS-funded graduate.

Black Sea Bass - John Toth Photo Black Sea Bass Working Group Appointments

We are proud to announce that SCeMFiS researchers Dr. Steve Cadrin, UMass Dartmouth, and Dr. Robert Leaf, USM, have been appointed to the Black Sea Bass Working Group of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC).  

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Stock Assessment Team Appointments

SCeMFiS is proud to announce the following researchers have been appointed to various stock assessment teams:

Finfish Stock Assessment Team: Jean-Jacques Maguire, Dr. Steve Cadrin, Dr. Robert Leaf, and Dr. Olaf Jensen - Scup Report

Shellfish Stock Assessment Team: Dr. Eric Powell, Dr. Roger Mann, and Dr. Daphne Monroe.

Marine Mammal Assessment Team: Dr. Andre Punt, Dr. Paula Moreno, and Dr. John Brandon.

Large Quahog Shellfish Benchmark Assessments

The SCeMFiS Shellfish Stock Assessment Team will participate in the upcoming ocean quahog and surfclam benchmark assessments of the NEFSC.

Shellfish Stock Assessment Team: Dr. Eric Powell, Center Director, Dr. Roger Mann, Site Director, and Dr. Daphne Monroe, SCeMFiS Researcher.

Surf clams SCeMFiS Scientists Complete Management Strategy Evaluation for Atlantic Surf Clams

SCeMFiS scientists identify management options that will increase LPUE and also increase stock productivity and stock abundance in the Mid-Atlantic region, while maintaining landings at present quota levels.


Scup - VIMS Photo SCeMFiS Stock Assessment Team Report

The SCeMFiS scup assessment team identified priority issues for the advancement of the scup assessment, reviewed draft working papers, provided data analyses, submitted working papers, participated in the Southern Demersal Working Group, reviewed the working group report, and participated in the Stock Assessment Review Committee (SARC).

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Highlights SCeMFiS Research Highlights for 2014
  • National mammal assessment team formed

  • National stock assessment team formed

  • New hydraulic dredge designed and successfully deployed

  • Western Pacific Fisheries Management Council funds design of next generation mammal assessment model

  • SCeMFiS gears up to age the oldest living animal on earth; the ocean quahog

NOAA fishing boats

2013/2014 SCeMFiS Report to the National Science Foundation

The first year's report on SCeMFiS research and activities has been submitted to the National Science Foundation.

SCeMFiS Mission Statement

SCeMFiS uses academic, recreational, and commercial fisheries resources to address urgent scientific problems limiting sustainable fisheries,
.. provides academic research products essential for the sustainable management of shellfish and finfish resources, and
.. seeks to simultaneously achieve the goals of sustainable fish and shellfish stocks and sustainable fish and shellfish fisheries.


Fishing Fleet - GSSA Photo

Photo: Garden State Seafood Association