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How Does SCeMFiS work?

The SCeMFiS science program is Industry Partner driven, operates under Industry Partner oversight, provides science products directly to Industry Partners, and distributes products to support Industry Partners’ needs. SCeMFiS is supported by the National Science Foundation and Industry Membership fees.Tilefish - GSSA Photo

The NSF considers an "Industry" Partner to be any:

  • Private company

  • Publicly-traded company

  • Trade organization

  • Non-profit group

  • Government (federal, state, or local) agency

Industry Direction and Oversight

  • SCeMFiS Industry Partners form the Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

  • The IAB operates as the Board of Directors for SCeMFiS

  • Each participating partner has voting representation on the Board in proportion to that partner's financial commitment

  • The IAB plans and approves the science agenda and evaluates the performance of participating researchers

Partners Filing Letters of Intent

Below is a table of current Industry Agency Board (IAB) members. SCeMFiS continues to accept letters of intent from other interested parties. Please feel free to contact our members for more information on SCeMFiS.

SCeMFiS IAB Membership Partners
Membership at $50K (2 votes)
Member Representative
Meeting Proxy (Present/Past)
National Fisheries Institute - Scientific Monitoring Committee
Daniel Cohen
National Marine Fisheries Service - Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Mike Simpkins
SeaWatch International
Guy Simmons
Membership at $25K (1 vote)
Member Representative
Meeting Proxy (Present/Past)
Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc.
Daniel Cohen
Bumblebee Foods/ Snow's
Mike Kraft
Joe Myers
Garden State Seafood Association
Greg DiDomenico
Intershell International Corporation
Monte Rome
LaMonica Fine Foods
Danny LaVecchia
Lund's Fisheries Incorporated
Jeff Reichle
Jeff Kaelin
Omega Protein
Ben Landry
Peter Himchak
National Fisheries Institute -
Clam Committee
Tom Alspach
Seafreeze, Ltd./The Town Dock
Meghan Lapp/ Katie Almeida
Surfside Seafood Products
Sal LaMonica