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Tilefish - GSSA PhotoThe NSF considers an "Industry" Partner to be any:

  • Private company

  • Publicly-traded company

  • Trade organization

  • Non-profit group

  • Government (federal, state, or local) agency

Industry Direction and Oversight

  • SCeMFiS Industry Partners form the Industry Advisory Board (IAB)

  • The IAB operates as the Board of Directors for SCeMFiS

  • Each participating partner has voting representation on the Board in proportion to that partner's financial commitment

  • The IAB plans and approves the science agenda and evaluates the performance of participating researchers

Partners Filing Letters of Intent

Below is a table of current Industry Agency Board (IAB) members. SCeMFiS continues to accept letters of intent from other interested parties.

SCeMFiS IAB Membership Partners
Membership at $50K (2 votes)
Member Representative
Meeting Proxy (Present/Past)
National Fisheries Institute - Scientific Monitoring Committee
Daniel Cohen
Eleanor Bochenek
National Marine Fisheries Service - Northeast Fisheries Science Center
Susan Gardner
SeaWatch International
Guy Simmons
Membership at $25K (1 vote)
Member Representative
Meeting Proxy (Present/Past)
Atlantic Capes Fisheries, Inc.
Daniel Cohen
Peter Hughes/Sam Martin
Bumblebee Foods/ Snow's
Steve Veltman/Joe Myers
Garden State Seafood Association
Greg DiDomenico
LaMonica Fine Foods
Danny LaVecchia
Peter Himchak
Lund's Fisheries Incorporated
Jeff Reichle/Jeff Kaelin
Omega Protein
Ben Landry
Peter Himchak
National Fisheries Institute -
Clam Committee
Tom Alspach
Surfside Seafood Products
Sal LaMonica
Tom Dameron