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Egret Spring 2017 IAB Meeting Travel Information

Directions and Registration

April 26-27, 2017 - The Spring Industry Advisory Board Meeting will be held at the Gulf Coast Research Lab Cedar Point Campus, Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Menhaden Omega Protein - Newest SCeMFiS Member

SCeMFiS welcomes Omega Protein as one of its newest industry members. Several SCeMFiS research projects are especially relevant to the work of Omega Protein. One project in particular is a winter survey of menhaden in the Mid-Atlantic, which aims to "address data deficiencies and better inform the menhaden assessment," according to SCeMFiS Chair, Jeff Kaelin.

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J.J. Maguire New Atlantic Mackerel Working Group Member

SCeMFiS Researcher, Jean-Jacques "J.J" Maguire, has been selected as part of the Atlantic Mackerel Working Group. The NRCC Stock Assessment Working Group Selection Committee has carefully chosen members for this committee based on their demonstrated expertise in stock assessment modeling, eligibility based on independence, and Working Group size and composition.

Black Sea Bass Report Black Sea Bass Working Group Report

"Contributions to the SAW2 Black Sea Bass Stock Assessment." The stock assessment concluded that the stock is well above the rebuilding target (not overfished), and overfishing is not occurring. The SAW62 assessment is a major scientific advancement for improving black sea bass fishery management.

Captain's Behavior SCeMFiS Supported Research Paper

The paper "Captains' response to a declining stock as anticipated in the surfclam (Spisula solidissima) fishery on the U.S. Mid-Atlantic coast by model evaluation" examines various behavior methods of captains to improve performance within the surfclam fishery during a period of rapidly changing conditions.

PDT paper image Survey Research for Northeast HMAs

"Analysis of ancillary survey data and surfclam fishery tow data for the Georges Shoals Habitat Management Area on Georges Bank and the Great South Channel Habitat Management Area" is an analysis of surfclam dredging activities and potential impacts on complex habitat in these regions. The analysis is based on ancillary data collected by the NMFS-NEFSC1 clam survey and data on tow locations provided by vessels in the surfclam fishery.

GIS Data (zip), Layers (zip) and Files (.docx)

Duke of Gloucester Street, Williamsburg, VA Fall IAB Meeting October 13-14, 2016

The SCeMFiS Fall IAB Meeting, October 13-14, 2016 was held in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Reports were made on 2016 Research Projects

See Press Release printed in Saving Seafood

Large Quahog SCeMFiS Project Provides the Base for Successful NOAA SK Award

SCeMFiS funded work on the recruitment of the ocean quahog Arctic islandica provided the baseline for a successful request to NOAA’s Saltonstall Kennedy (SK) program for an expanded investigation of quahog recruitment dynamics in the Mid Atlantic and Georges Bank region.

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Sara Pace and Grant Adams SCeMFiS Funded Work Presented at ICES

Sara Pace, a SCeMFiS-funded graduate student at USM, recently presented a paper titled “Evidence of multidecadal recruitment in the ocean quahog, Arctica islandica in the western Atlantic Ocean” at the Annual Science Symposium of ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Seas) in Riga, Latvia. Sara was awarded a ICES young scientist travel award to attend and present at the meeting.

Grant Adams, also a USM student, also was awarded a NEFSC travel award to attend and present his work.

Monkfish catch statistics 2016 Draft Monkfish Operational Assessment and Review Notes

SCeMFiS researcher, Dr. Steve Cadrin, has been part of a working group for management recommendations. A draft of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center 2016 Monkfish Operational Assessment as well as Dr. Cadrin's review notes have been shared with the SCeMFiS Industry Advisory Board for peer review.

Dameron-Kubiakj Dred

Dameron-Kubiak Dredge for clam surveys
Photo: VIMS Molluscan Ecology

New Publications for Juvenile Clam Research

This project developed and fabricated a dredge liner to support a targeted juvenile survey in the new surfclam and ocean quahog industry-vessel based survey carried out by the NMFS-NEFSC.

Kelsey Kuykendall and Sara Pace Surfclam (Spisula solidissima) Management Strategy Evaluation

The first SCeMFiS-funded graduate student, Kelsey Kuykendall (photo left) graduated, December 2015. The goal of her thesis, Management Strategy Evaluation for the Atlantic Surfclam (Spisula Solidissima), using a Fisheries Economics Model, was to identify a preferred management option that promotes enhanced surfclam productivity and increased fishery viability as indicated by improvement in performance metrics. Sara Pace (photo right) hopes to soon follow in Kelsey's footsteps as another SCeMFiS-funded graduate.

Identifying the Historical Footprint of the Surfclam Spisula solidissima and Habitat Relationships
from a Long-Term Dataset of Death Assemblages and Sedimentology

Captains' response to a declining stock as anticipated in the surfclam (Spisula solidissima) fishery on the U.S. Mid-Atlantic coast by model evaluation

Black Sea Bass - John Toth Photo Black Sea Bass Working Group Appointments

We are proud to announce that SCeMFiS researchers Dr. Steve Cadrin, UMass Dartmouth, and Dr. Robert Leaf, USM, have been appointed to the Black Sea Bass Working Group of the Northeast Fisheries Science Center (NEFSC).  

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Bottlenose Dolphin
Photo: Willy Volk

Stock Assessment Team Appointments

SCeMFiS is proud to announce the following researchers have been appointed to various stock assessment teams:

Finfish Stock Assessment Team: Jean-Jacques Maguire, Dr. Steve Cadrin, Dr. Robert Leaf, and Dr. Olaf Jensen. The SCeMFiS scup assessment team identified priority issues for the advancement of the scup assessment, reviewed draft working papers, provided data analyses, submitted working papers, participated in the Southern Demersal Working Group, reviewed the working group report, and participated in the Stock Assessment Review Committee (SARC) - View Report

Shellfish Stock Assessment Team: Dr. Eric Powell, Dr. Roger Mann, and Dr. Daphne Munroe. The SCeMFiS Shellfish Stock Assessment Team will participate in ocean quahog and surfclam benchmark assessments of the NEFSC.

Marine Mammal Assessment Team: Dr. Paula Moreno, Dr. Andre Punt, Dr. Randall Reeves, Dr. John Brandon. Duties of the team are to 1) review MM Stock Assessment and other technical reports, scientific publications, and administrative or regulatory documents pertaining to MM assessment and management; and 2) attend meetings of the Atlantic Scientific Review Group (SRG) that reviews stock assessments and Take Reduction (TR) Teams that develop and monitor TR Plans/Strategies, and participate in other relevant scientific meetings where MM stock assessment information is presented and discussed. - Phase II Report

SCeMFiS Mission Statement

SCeMFiS uses academic, recreational, and commercial fisheries resources to address urgent scientific problems limiting sustainable fisheries,
.. provides academic research products essential for the sustainable management of shellfish and finfish resources, and
.. seeks to simultaneously achieve the goals of sustainable fish and shellfish stocks and sustainable fish and shellfish fisheries.


Fishing Fleet - GSSA Photo

Photo: Garden State Seafood Association

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