SCEMFIS Membership

Research Outcomes

Long-term economic stability for your company
NSF sanction on research products
Rapid response to fisheries research priorities
Immediate access to science expertise for stock assessment issues

Science Direction

The science agenda is determined by the industry board members
Participate in the development of industry-driven science plans
Participate in long-term cooperative research program planning (5+ yr)
Access to SCEMFIS scientists throughout the U.S. and Canada

Financial Benefits

Pooled financial resources permit research is too costly for one company
Members can leverage non-NSF support for research
Indirect cost limit is 10%

Why Join?

All IAB members have common ownership of the entire I/UCRC research portfolio; however, individual firms can provide additional support for specific enhancement projects. The partnership is given greater depth through the direct involvement of industry representatives in research projects. Each project in the Center has a principal researcher (typically the project’s research professor) and in many cases also has a monitor from industry. The principal researcher maintains close oversight of the progress of the research and briefs the industrial monitor on a regular basis. The monitor can, and often does, have direct input into the direction of the research.

SCEMFIS provides academic research products essential for the sustainable management of shellfish and finfish resources.

SCEMFIS Bylaws Amended April 2020

How would your company or agency join?

Partnership Cost:
Dual Partner at $50,000 = 2 IAB votes
Single Partner at $25,000 = 1 IAB vote

Membership agreement with participating academic institutions

Would you like to partner with us?

SCEMFIS continues to accept letters of intent from other interested parties. Please feel free to contact our members for more information on SCEMFIS.